#OneYearOfManicFemme Photo Challenge

It simultaneously feels like I’ve been on Bookstagram forever & also not long at all, but April 3rd is my 1 Year Bookstaversary! To celebrate that + my 28th birthday on April 9th, I’m hosting my first ever monthly photo challenge: #OneYearOfManicFemme!

In true Landice fashion, this announcement is happening way later than I’d planned, but I’m hoping that everyone will be able to participate in at least a few prompts.

Prompt List:

01. “Let’s go, lesbians!” | April TBR
02. World Autism Day: #RedStackforAutismAcceptance | Stack of red books
03. Landice’s 1 Year Bookstaversary | LGBTQ+ Books & Plants (real or fake)
04. SFF Sunday | Sci-fi & Fantasy Books
05. “We do bones, motherfucker!” | Books with necromancy
06. TBR Tuesday | Books that have been on your TBR for a long time
07. #WickWednesday | Bookish candles or candles & books
08. Ocean’s 8 | Badass Female Characters
09. Landice’s Birthday | Share a book you bought or read because she rec’d it!
10. #SapphicSaturday | Sapphic books
11. You Make Loving Fun: #SmutSunday | Steamy reads
12. Miranda Stillwater Monday | Compass Rose (or another book w/ pirates)
13. Villainesses Do It Better | Book with a female antagonist
14. Bookish Flatlay | Share a bookish photo shot directly from above
15. I Forgot That You Existed | Books you should feature more often than you do
16. (Urban) #FantasyFriday | Fantasy books with an urban/city setting
17. Sea & Stars Saturday | Sea & Stars trilogy (or another book w/ mermaids)
18. Put a bird on it | Book with bird(s) on the cover
19. Medusa Did Nothing Wrong Monday | Greek mythology books
20. These Feathered Flames Release Day | Retellings/reimaginings of any kind
21. Judge a book by its cover | Cover buy (or just a cover you love)
22. Don’t judge a book by its cover | Questionable cover, good book
23. “We are all stardust and stories.” | Books about books for World Book Day
24. Rainbow #StackSaturday | Bonus points for a rainbow stack of LGBTQ+ books
25. Magical MCs | Books with a magic user main character
26. Lesbian Visibility Day | Books with lesbian rep or by a lesbian author
27. Trope Tuesday: Fake Dating | Books that feature a fauxmance
28. 6 Star Reads | Books so good that they deserve more than 5 stars!
29. “I’m you, but stronger.” | Recreate an old photo
30. “That’s all.” | April #WrapUp


I’m planning to host some flash giveaways throughout the month, so keep an eye on my Instagram stories for those. Additionally, I’m going to be entering everyone who posts a book they read or bought on my recommendation on my birthday into an extra giveaway with the prize & other details, like bonus entries, TBD. I know that isn’t ideal, but I want to get the prompts up sooner rather than later and figuring out giveaway stuff will take more time.


World Autism Day is April 2nd, but all of April is Autism Acceptance Month. So I encourage everyone to post a #RedStackforAutismAcceptance at some point in April, even if you can’t participate on the 2nd!

I’ll be creating a separate post explaining the details/meaning behind the hashtag, but in the meantime you can find more info in my Instagram story highlight that’s called “Autistic.” The TL;DR version is that Autism Speaks (who heads up the “Light it up blue”/autism awareness initiative) is a hate group that promotes eugenics, and Actually Autistic people created #RedInstead for Autism ACCEPTANCE as an alternative. Also, no puzzle pieces please!

Anyway, I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting, so I might edit this post later, but in the meantime, you can like/save/share the post on Instagram and comment on that post with any questions ❤

By Landice (Manic Femme Reviews)

Autistic lesbian book blogger & marketing/graphic design student from Texas. Passionate about books, social justice, and dogs.

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